The Coronavirus has given Dubai a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test its technological and scientific prowess while the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't only shifted how we work,communicate, and deal with life stressors but has also disrupted all sectors and industries. Healthcare, the most critical of all in facing this virus, was under heavy pressure as the world witnessed countless infections and deaths.

For several years before the pandemic, Dubai has put a solid digital infrastructure in place, which has significantly contributed to the fight against this virus. But what is it that made the fight against COVID-19as seamless as can be across the UAE and in Dubai in particular?

— With the number of infections rising in Dubai in early 2020, Dubai's government prioritize providing health care to all citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge. This was implemented mainly to reduce patient visits to healthcare centres to maintain social distancing, ensure continuity of care for those in need, and help soothe patients' fears and anxiety. The success of reverting to telemedicine in Dubai continued as governments continued imposing social distancing, and telemedicine workload increased from 52 consultations per month prior to the pandemic to 4,592 consultations per month after.

— With telemedicine proving it is as beneficial as face-to-face care, the need for appropriate access to patient-centred healthcare records has never been more crucial. Increasing patient involvement in their care has become essential for many reasons, including increased compliance and patient satisfaction. by fostering communication between providers and patients through online portals, text messaging, and email, advanced technologies have improved patient-centred care. It has also increased access to information such as online medical records, which has improved self-monitoring and patient convenience.

The pandemic has not only changed industries but has also shifted mindsets and has mainly changed patients' approaches to healthcare. COVID-19 continues to mark one of the most significant global challenges experienced this century, deeming cross collaboration between health systems and government agencies critical.‍