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Ministry of Health and Prevention - UAE

The Brief

The hesitation toward the COVID‐19 vaccine was and still is a global problem. Lack of clinical trials for the vaccine, fear of vaccine side effects, and rumors of the presence of active viruses in vaccines are some leading obstacles that obstructed the success of any COVID‐19 vaccine campaigns.

As the continuous lockdowns were no longer an option for many countries because of their enormous impact on the economy, vaccination was the most efficient option to limit the infection.

Due to poor knowledge among populations about types of vaccines, their recommended doses, and the poor commitment to hygiene practices, the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) organized several online and offline campaigns to increase the much-needed public awareness about the COVID‐19 vaccines.

Our Solution

As the UAE was one of the first countries to start vaccinating its citizens and residents, we knew at InFocus that our role is essential in raising awareness of the importance of vaccination and for both doses.

With engaging content that spoke directly to people, a focus on highlighting success stories and quick updates, and highlights of new vaccination locations and timings across the UAE, MoHAP awareness campaigns witnessed great success.

The Result

The COVID-19 vaccine was available in the UAE by the end of 2020, but there was little to no data on the vaccination program and its reach. With the strategically positioned awareness campaigns, InFocus Media helped turn the scene around and shifted mindsets. This was reflected in the UAE achieving 100% of its National COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign target by June 2022.

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