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GEMS schools in Dubai

The brief

The National Day of UAE is celebrated on December 2 every year to mark a great day that marks the start of history for a nation that turned itself into one of the most sought futuristic hubs in the world with its unlimited potential. On this day, in 1971, the history of the United Arab Emirates started, and the legacy of its leaders unfolded with vision and foresight. Paying tribute to our forefathers is our way to celebrate the bigger horizons our country grows into every year.

At InFocus Media, a 100% local marketing agency, we wanted to celebrate big to reflect our pride in our nation's achievements. We had the concept in mind and shared it with GEMS schools in Dubai, and they were on board immediately.

Our Solution

Over 13000 plastic bottle caps ordinated with the UAE flag colors formed an immaculate mosaic that reads "Zayed Ambitions Embrace the Space."

The Result

Not only did we engage young students in celebrating the nation's achievements and set an example of eco-responsibility by recycling plastic caps, but we also broke the Guinness record for the largest plastic-bottle-cap mosaic that spells out a phrase.

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